The publisher of the Scientific Journal for Contemporary Education and Application of Information Technologies – EdTech Journal is the Institute for Contemporary Education (ICE), Belgrade, Serbia. The Institute for Contemporary Education (ICE) aims to improve the quality of the educational process through the education of current and future employees in education and the promotion of the most modern educational technologies. The ICE's mission is to help individuals become more successful and support schools and educational institutions in implementing technologies and techniques to improve the educational process. ICE is also an advisory centre for all leaders in education and a place of professional teaching practice for future professors.

ICE is part of the leading multinational EdTech company LINK group, which has been successfully engaged in professional education and certification in information technology and modern business for more than 20 years. As a company involved in teaching in various fields, LINK group is present in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and the United States, and a unique e-learning system for distance learning brings together students from over 120 countries.

There are more than fifty educational institutions and services within the LINK group education system (Link Educational Alliance). The LINK Educational Alliance brings together educational institutions regardless of scientific field and level of education and companies and individuals who are aware that only lifelong learning and improvement brings professional success.